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Shard Notes

UO Utopia is a free to play UO shard based loosly around the Renaissance era with some aspects from the earlier T2A and some from later eras. UO Utopia is constantly evolving. You will need to download our client or our patch for your version 6 client to use this server. You are allowed a maximum of three accounts, with five characters per account. Unattended resource gathering is not allowed. If nothing else, please read the Golden Rules at the bottom of this page!


To access the server please direct Razor to login.uoutopia.com  and port 2593



Only the official UO client may be used, along with Razor, UOAutoMap and UO Rudder. No other assistants are permitted. You will need to use the client provided by us on the download page in order to see our custom buildings and the full feature set including item hues and descriptions, (alternatively you can use your own version 6 UO client and apply our downloadable patch). Just unzip it into a folder of your choice (we suggest "C:\Games\UOUtopia") where you can point to it from Razor which opens the client to run the game. An installer for this client will be provided in due course.  If you already have Razor installed then you do not have to install it again. You will be familiar with it and you should point it to "login.uoutopia.com" on port number 2593 and the client to the C:\Games\UOUtopia folder you just created.


Play Areas

We have the normal UO mainland and T2A/Renaissance areas and dungeons. This includes the Lost Lands with Khaldun, Ice, Fire and there is a random spawn Paragon monsters which are hued gold. There is no Trammel except where our custom quests may require it for instance type quest purposes. Ilshenar, Malas and Tokuno are also available but are not accessible by standard moongates.



The era is a mixture of T2A and UOR based loosly around the year 2000, with many unique features. This means house keys and taking care of your own house security by locking down your keys on keyrings and using detect hidden to ensure you have no unwelcome visitors! Features are not locked to any particular date and never will be. New content is being added regularly and may use features from any era.


More information

Lost items will not be replaced. There is no item insurance. You will die at some point and lose your stuff. This is what makes the game exciting. Welcome to UO!


Despite this, the shard owner takes a very dim view of house thieves and griefers and will take steps in software to eradicate this scourge. Players who have worked hard to obtain their in-game wealth do not take kindly to other players breaking into their home to steal it. For example, you will find that runes can only be marked in house courtyards if you are a friend of the house, and non-friended individuals cannot recall or gate into a courtyard or home. There is also a block tile which you can buy for your house (for platinum or donation coins) which prevents non-friends from crossing it. If you think it is funny to grief people to the extent that dozens of players leave the game you are not welcome here. Players want to enjoy the game and they should be allowed to do so. If you are a house thief or griefer this is not the shard for you!



We have many unique player houses. The Larger Marble has the same footprint as a normal marble patio but with larger rooms. The Two Story Patio is a normal two story house with a rear patio. The Large Keep has much larger internal rooms and a courtyard on the right side. We do a large Tower with a small courtyard. The Palace and Ranger Fort are castle sized houses and also have a courtyard in the front. We also have a two story "Cottage", a large Guild Workshop and a Small Fort. The largest home is the King's Court which has a courtyard on the right. There is also a Guild Stable which comes with a stablemaster and a spawning horse - perfect for your guild village, however house NPCs, including a stablemaster may be purchased and placed in your house or courtyard. All houses may be viewed in an area accessible from a special moongate next to West Britain Bank.

Crafted runebooks are not blessed here. Runebook bless deeds are available as a reward item but it will be some time before you see one of them!

Apart from the usual tameable creatures, we also spawn two types of Silver Steed on a very long timer which are tameable on completion of a quest when you will acquire an item which raises your taming and lore skill. The compliment of these are the Nightmare and Dark Steed. We will let you discover the difference between these mounts yourself, should you be lucky enough to acquire one. We also have other advanced pets for you to discover including five types of Korpre which evolve into a powerful pet.


We aim to create a fun atmosphere for players to enjoy in various ways. Our skill gain rate is slower than a "normal" shard once you pass 70 in each skill.

Reds are allowed into town and will not be bothered by guards unless they commit a crime. Reds may freely use the bank and player or NPC vendors. They remain freely attackable by other players, however. There is no stat-loss for reds here.

Thieves do not need to be in the thieves guild in order to steal and there is no delay from character creation, however as well as the usual protection afforded to potential victims, a thief will be marked perma-grey on a successful steal until their next death, as per OSI shards of the era, and this state will be visible to those with sufficient Forensic skill upon examination. Such criminals will not be afforded protection by town guards in this state.

Just like Colonel Gadaffi, our banks are protected by elite female guards who would just love to have you for breakfast should you misbehave within their sphere of influence!


The Recall spell functions in areas such as towns, your home, most mainland locations. Gate will work in other situations. It is not possible to recall or gate into, or mark in dungeons on Felucca, although you may gate out. You may gate into and out of the Lost Lands, but  Recall availability is limited.

NPC vendors will sell you goods at normal prices. They will not buy weapons or armour from you though. Some things like gems can be sold though. We hope to develop a player-driven economy where every player relies on crafters and gatherers and this affords some natural protection to miners, lumberjacks and other resource gatherers. No sense in ending your source of weapons and armour! Ships are not available from NPCs. These are player crafted.


For weapons and armour you are advised to recycle these into ingots for re-use or sale to other players or drop them in the turquoise Clean Up Britannia barrels for turqoise coin tokens which can be exchanged for some useful items such as a 24 hour tent.

Automated quests and events are being introduced. We are also working to introduce consensual PvP systems - the Hero/Evil system - which is along the lines of the old Order/Chaos system but with benefits of some special spells and summons. Declaring yourself evil at the Chaos shrine makes you perma-red and you can also lock your karma, allowing you to become a Dread Lord. There is no standard Faction System however we are working on a three way race-based PVP system between Humans, Elves and Orcs. The faction leaders will provide you with an Orc Faction Mask, an Elf Faction mask or a Human Faction Apron or Sash which identifies you to the faction system.


Unattended macroing of skills is allowed here. Unattended resource gathering is not allowed. Anyone caught macroing resource gathering unattended will see jail time. This process will be automated.

Town griefing of unattended skill macroers is pointless and annoying. Don't do it.

We have very many custom scripts, and many more to come. We are in a constant state of development.

Staff will intervene as little as possible - this is UO after all - but please note well:-

The Golden Rules:

Thou shalt not abuse staff.

Thou shalt not gather resources unattended.

Thou shalt not exploit game mechanics or bugs to dupe items or currency, or gain any other unfair advantage.

Thou shalt treat thy fellow players with respect. You are all here to have fun. If your bad behaviour makes people leave, so will you!

Thou shalt not advertise other shards or other businesses or services in game, on our forums, Discord or our IRC server.

Thou shalt not trade goods for real life money without authorisation of the shard owner, however inter-shard transfers for gold and/or item/house transactions
are permitted. Such transactions must be conducted in private. This may jeopardise your accounts on the other shard.

Breaking any of these golden rules will result in jail time (we provide bread and water), temporary suspension or a ban


last updated: 2017/07/05


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